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Artisan Christmas stollen
Over 20 years of (B) Craftsmanship in the field of bread, confectionery, bake-off bread, biscuits and candy for the Christmas gift industry.

Thousands of Stollen have found their way to satisfied customers.

World of Bread is a dynamic company founded in 2001, we are the wholesaler for all your Christmas stollen, bake-off rolls, nougat, speculoos products and other confectionery specialities.

Our traditional Christmas stollen are a feast for the eyes. These festive-status treats are freshly baked and generously covered or sprinkled with almond paste, pastry cream or chocolate. Although it is an art to make Christmas stollen, it is quite easy to eat them. And the whole of the Netherlands does that en masse during Christmas, but also during Sinterklaas and Easter. Do you also enjoy a traditional Christmas stollen from our bakery this holiday season.

Artisan Easter Stollen
Delicious, well-filled Easter stollen with almond paste or a creamy pastry paste.

Varying from mini Easter clots of 100 grams to a Stol with almond paste or a pastry filling to a clot letterbox resistant with a shelf life of 28 days, make it easy for your customers and order your gifts from us.

Artisan Vegan Easter Stollen

Socially responsible, sustainable and 100 % vegetable raw materials, no animal additions and not even eggs.

Socially responsible baked with sustainable raw materials with an eye for the preservation of nature. All our Vegan stollen, both the Christmas stollen and the Easter stollen, are provided with the official Vegan certificate.

Almond paste
If you are going for an original Christmas stollen: Then the almond paste should not be missed. This tasty mixture of almonds and sugar will make you long for the cold holidays.

Chocolate chips Stol
Everyone loves chocolate and the combination of chocolate with raisin bread turned out to be a golden find. Enough reason for us to make a Christmas stollen with chocolate.

Mini Stol for Xmas or easter, or as a gift through out the year. You can send our Mini Stollen in a Mailbox carton.
Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Then a whole Christmas stollen can be just a bit too much. That is why we also make mini Christmas stollen. Just as tasty, but just a little smaller.

Deli France
Baked-off bread with a French touch, famous for its crispy crust.

Baking specialties
Baked-off bread made with taste and different from other delicacies, has a long shelf life.

Nursing Day
We send attentions Coronaproof and letterbox proof.

Brabant regional products
Brabant top products from quality companies