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World of Bread is since 2002 the specialist in fresh and long-life Christmas stollen also known as typical Dutch fruitbread filled with a big role of almond pastry, Easter stollen and all kinds of atmospheric packed bread and pastry specialties.
Our assortment is available in fresh and atmospheric packed and flow-pack or frozen, ideally suited for Christmas and the gifts industry, retail, hotels, restaurants and catering out of home market and the business to business market.
Breakfast, coffee time, lunch, high tea, drinks and dinner time: foods and drink for each time of the day we have for you delicious homemade bread and pastry products. Are you looking for a special bread or pastry product and we do not have this product in our basic range then our bakers will develop the product for you with passion.

Christmas and gifts industry = Christmas stollen!

A stol is a typical Dutch fruitbread with a big role of almond pastry, and on top its finished with powdersugar or almond slices.
World of Bread is already years trendsetter in the developments of Christmas stollen, we have for you the authentic Dutch Christmas stollen filled with delicious almond and performed in various weights and or banquet food or packaging; a plastic bag with label to a luxury private label printed box.
Our Christmas stollen range is divided into 3 segments: freshly packed, atmospheric long shelf life packaged, and flow pack long shelf life packed.
Within these 3 segments you can choose from Christmas stollen with various weights ranging from 100 grams to 1000 grams, from a mini stol to a super large stol for Easter, Christmas, Pentecost filled with hazelnuts, fruitmix pieces and a delicious role almond paste.
In addition to traditional Christmas Stollen filled with a almond or beanpastry role we have also delicious chocolate Christmas stollen, filled with dark chocolate.
New is the amerene cherries stol, delicious filled with amarene cherries and apple wrapped in a luxurious purple color box.

We follow the developments in the bread and pastry industry throughout Europe, one of  its latest developments in the European market is the on a stone oven floor baked long shelf life packaged focaccia made with olive oil and herbs, ciabatta and according to an authentic Italian recipe we bake small squares of ciabattina until the last new developments include the sourdough products such as baquette Rustique. World of Bread sells these products throughout the year.
Also the typical Dutch assortment is very interesting, such as breakfast sandwiches delicious mini pastries and croissants, baguettes and delicious Belgian gingerbread. All the products are available in single or Multi pack and whith or without your own private label with a shelf life of 8 till 16 weeks.
For the chef with a sense of quality and exclusivity and convenience in the kitchen, we have developped the party breads which is a  pre-baked French bread in a white and Multigrain version, cutting the bread does not need more because we have already done that  in our bakery.